If you are a foodie, I bet you will love Singapore and its different cuisines a lot. Ranging from enriched Asian dishes to Chinese, Italian, Cantonese, Japanese and Singaporean dishes, there is a lot to satisfy your taste buds. If you are in Singapore or visiting it some time near, you must prepare yourself for all the tasty and within budget foods. For breakfast, Lunch, Supper, High Tea and Dinner, you can get everything at a fair price in Singapore. 

Here for your ease, I have selected a few top places that are must-visit and once you are there you will love everything about them. 

Sungei Road Laksa: 

Laksa is a very famous Chinese- Malay dish. It is a rich combination of two cuisines. Often served with a hot bowl of noodles and gravy. The gravy is protein enriched. This tasty food is not just to satisfy your taste buds, but also it is good for health. In Singapore, you will find hundreds of Laksa Restaurants but the best one among them is Sungei Road Laksa. This roadside restaurant has served people for decades and every time you go there, the flavor is always enriched and different from other laksa restaurants. 

This roadside restaurant has a story behind it. It is said that some stranger came one fine day and told the recipe of this famous dish to the chef over there. So I think we must thank that stranger for introducing us with mouthwatering Laksa. 

When in Singapore, Laksa is a must-try. Otherwise, you will regret it for sure. 

Bar Cicchetti

If you want to have the best Italian food ever, I must say better than Food in Italy then Bar Cicchetti is a place for you. This place is loved by all Italian cuisine fans. The fresh handmade oven-fresh pasta is served which is not heavy on your stomach either in your pockets. Bar Cicchetti is located near Jiak Town road and it serves its best food to hundreds of people every day. The cost of different pasta Varies but all of them are quite cheap as compared to other Italian restaurants in Singapore. 

Not only food, but the wines of Bar Cicchetti are also best. A Plate of hot sizzling pasta with wine is the best combination. 

In short, Cichetti is a place that will be a good treat for your taste buds. 

Mercure Bugis Singapore: 

If you are looking for a High Tea Buffet near Bugis, then Mercure chiniBugis is the best place to go. Mercure Hotel is located in Bugis. They deal with different cuisine including Chinese, Cantonese, Italian and Asian dishes. So if you love versatility on your table and want to try different cuisines at once than Mercure Bugis is the right choice for you. 

Enriched flavors along with the delightful presentation, you will love everything about this place.  

Tian Tian Chicken Rice:

Chicken Rice is a simple combination of boiled rice along with chicken and sauce. Though it seems like a very simple dish, it takes a lot of expertise. This is the best-ranked dish in Singapore. Though there are hundreds of places in Singapore that are serving chicken rice the best one that stands out is Tian Tian. Tian Tian is equally famous in locals as well as tourists. The Chicken served here is well cooked and there along with garlic has no match. Tian Tian is located at Maxwell food Centre.

Here are some must-go places in Singapore if you’re a foodie. Which one is your favorite food place in Singapore?