The sap is one training technique that has been in demand in recent times. SAP training is quite expensive and people find out ways to learn SAP courses that are available online for free. SAP training is provided by SAP Education which is a division that is mostly known for training and certification. SAP is now available for free online and there are so many websites which provide these courses for free. These SAP training might last for about 2 weeks and when a course is provided for free, then it becomes easy to enroll in one. Some of the ways to get SAP training for free are listed as under:

1.SAP Community Network

SAP Community Network provides connections between SAP customers, partners as well as employees and experts. These experts provide training to the customers and employees for their better understanding of SAP. This website contains many blogs and articles on SAP BW, SAP ABAP, SAP SD, etc. The SAP basis and security are some common links and things that are taught. All the contents are provided for free and can be viewed directly from their website.


This one particular website provides all resources on career guidance and technical tips on SAP. SearchSAP has relatively every information that a person needs on SAP and this website is convenient to view that. This website provides tutorials on major subjects of SAP like SAP BW, SAP SI, SAP Basis, etc. It also gives whitepapers and notifications on the various changes and amendments in the sector of SAP. Membership might be required to read some of the articles and blogs on this website.

3.Magna Training

Anyone interested in learning SAP might get in touch with Magna training which provides free articles to learn what SAP is all about. The training is entirely free and no amount of fees is required to be given. It has pieces of training on certain parts of SAP like SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP PLM. Experts are there from whom you can clear any doubts related to SAP. There are also doubt clearing sessions which are also entirely free.

4.Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is perfect for all the beginners who are curious and interested in learning the concepts of SAP. There are various courses available here which are free. You can take the one which suits your interest levels. It has courses for a technical module like SAP BASIS, SAP ABAP and also functional modules like SAP MM, SAP CRM, SAP HRM, etc. The online tutors are experts from different fields and they can solve any of your complicated questions. You can take up the course as per your timings and you will get all the latest updates.

This website is great for the ones who are planning for a career in SAP. This website has all quizzes, articles, blogs, and tutorials which are for free and helpful. It has SAP certification questions which will help one to solve any type of question on SAP.  The tutorials are provided on a step by step methods on different topics of SAP like ABAP, Process Integration, Enterprise Portal, Business Workflow, etc. It picks up a certain topic on SAP and it breaks down the topic into different chapters which will make it easy to read and understand a certain topic.

6.SAP Help Portal

This is another website that provides SAP courses for free for two modules of SAP like SAP MM, SAP BASIS, SAP SD, etc. SAP help portal is another type of portal which provides any information about SAP product documentation and SAP availability information. It also has community information on all topics of SAP. This website can also be used to get any information on any SAP product and if any update is there, that information is also provided here.

7.SAP ABAP Netweaver, BAPI

This is another major website that is useful for all the beginners out there. It is also a website that is great for all SAP Professionals. It provides tutorials on SAP technical and functionally related topics like SAP ABAP, SAP SD, SAP MM, etc. It provides the latest SAP interview questions and jobs related to SAP. It has PDF books, lectures, study materials, references, etc. which are all related to SAP and you do not need to pay anything for the same.

These are some of the best sites which provide SAP for free. Do give yourself a shot and go on to learn any course on SAP. It would turn out to be helpful.