Tik Tok is a social media app that helps in creating short videos that are set to music or also custom made songs. Users can widely use this app for viewing and searching other’s videos without any contribution or disturbance. Tik Tok came into existence in 2017 and it has been gaining popularity since then. Tik Tok is considered to be the best form of marketing in the present times because it has a lot of active users. Read more for its marketing authentication described by Hubspot.

What is the duration of TikTok Videos?

Tik Tok videos are mostly 15 seconds long but one can compile many such videos and combine them to create a 60 seconds long video. Anyone with 1000 followers or more can extend their time of videos. Sometimes updating Tik Tok can also help one create longer Tik Tok Videos. 

Benefits of advertising through TikTok

Before advertising, one has to keep in mind certain aspects that can lead to successful business opportunities. Some of these benefits are listed as under:

1.  Large targeted audience

Tik Tok ads mostly depend on the audience who are being targeted. This platform is for the younger people and if the ads target those, then these can surely be a success. The investment would be wise only if it targets people for less than 30 years.

2.        Advertising budget on TikTok

Tik Tok ads are quite new in the market and only companies like Disney, Nike, etc. are the ones who have made their way through Tik Tok Ad campaigns. It is riskier for a small business to run through these ads because Tik Tok has not come into common use till now. 

3.        Quality marketing skills with visual aids

Becoming successful in Tik Tok requires a lot of visual content which is great in quality to share. Your company can have great quality visual content which is appealing to the Tik Tok audience. Tik Tok is purely a platform for sharing videos and so, it is imperative to create the best videos to be shared.

How to use the Tik Tok Platform for Marketing?

Tik Tok has gotten into the marketing world in recent times. Ways in which a brand can use Tik Tok for advertising:

1.  Creation of a profile

The cheapest and easiest way to get into Tik Tok is by creating a profile on the platform. Produce an audience and build content in the meantime. The art of making videos can promote a brand to a greater self. 

2. Create an ad campaign

After creating a profile, you will be provided with a dashboard where you can view ad drafts and keep track. The steps are:

a.Go to Tik Tok Dashboard.

b. Click on the Ad campaign and click on the create button.

c.Choose the campaign goal and choose a name.

d.Define the ad budget.

3. Defining of Adpositions and targets

    Tik Tok provides a unique experience in the field of advertising and marketing in the family of apps such as BuzzVideo, News Republic, etc. You can also leave the decision on Tik Tok as to where they want to play the ads. 

4. Choosing of budget and schedule the ad

Budget pacing is very important. The Standard Delivery Option helps the budget to be divided evenly during the campaign. The Accelerate Option spends the budget as quickly as possible.

5. The setting of the campaign ad goal

Select a certain specified goal for your ad campaign. The goal determines the purpose you want to achieve through Tik Tok. The options are Conversion, Click or Expression and the bidding will depend on the goal that you select.

6. Design the Tik Tok Ad

The last step remaining is to customize the ad and design on how you would like to arrange the ad. Tik Tok ads can be horizontal, vertical, square videos or simply any shape that you would like. Another advertising option that helps in creation is the “ Video Creation Kit”. 

Different types of Tik Tok Ads

The types of ads depend on the function of Tik Tok and different types are listed as under:

1.  Brand Takeovers

Brand Takeovers are the ads that appear right after users open the Tik Tok app. Tik Tok can be external or internal depending on the users and can either direct Tik Tok accounts to websites on the Internet. This applies to only one advertiser per day.

2.        Native Video Ads

These video ads can be put between one video or simply at the end of videos on Tik Tok. These ads are affordable and will direct to websites.

3.        Hashtags use in video challenges

Tik Tok users love challenges and they take it in their way by hashtags and challenging others for the same. Tik Tok ads challenge others to participate in the activities to increase the marketing factor.


Considering the growth of Tik Tok, it is sure worth it to try business through Tik Tok ads at least once.