The Concept of a healthy diet has been wronged for many years. It is assumed that being healthy means eating less and staying ultra-thin which is not true at all. A healthy diet means the intake of foods that keeps your mind and body active, reduces fats and has a positive impact on your mood as well.

A healthy diet plan is to set the proper proportion of fats, proteins, calcium, and carbohydrates with lots of water. If You are looking for a healthy diet plan, you can have one at YoloFoods. Healthy food from yoloFood in Singapore has both flavor and health benefits. 

The following are the fundamentals of healthy eating that should be part of your healthy diet plan. Let’s have a look at them. 


Proteins should be a part of your healthy diet plan. As we age, our body requires more intake of proteins to keep us going. Proteins are essential for keeping our body and mind fresh and help us to perform daily chores properly. The people suffering from protein deficiency might face some health problems like pain in bones and laziness. On The Other hand intake of too many protein supplements like tablets etc is dangerous for kidneys. The best way to intake protein is through healthy food like meat, fresh vegetables and a boiled egg for breakfast. Try to consume the proper portion of protein in everyday life. To keep yourself active and strong.


Don’t forget to add fiber to your daily meals. Fibre enriched foods like vegetables fruits, grains and nuts should be part of your healthy diet plan. Fibre has a lot of benefits but the most important one is, it prevents your body against heart disease, strokes, and heart attack. It is important for the purification of blood and prevents constipation. Fibre Is Also important for healthy and glowing skin. 

Especially if you are in your teens, your body requires a lot of fiber to keep you healthy and active. Try to eat natural fiber instead of fiber supplements. 


While preparing a healthy diet plan, don’t forget to add Calcium to it. Calcium is very important to keep your bones strong. The deficiency of calcium leads to lazy and unhealthy bones. Also, less consumption of calcium can lead you towards osteoporosis, depression, and anxiety. A glass of milk along with calcium-enriched foods like coconut, cheese, Mozzarella, yogurt, cream, and cereals should be part of your everyday diet. 

A body with sufficient amounts of calcium is always active, strong and has a sharp brain as well. 


A big source of energy for your body. Carbohydrates in proper proportions are important to keep you active and strong. Try taking foods that have plenty of carbohydrates in it like wheat, cereals, dry fruits, fruits, and all other vegetables. It is better to take carbohydrates in their natural form instead of supplements that are being sold in the market. 


There are two kinds of fats. Good fats are those that keep you healthy and active. While bad fats can have adverse effects on your health. Bad fats can lead you towards diabetes, heart diseases or obesity. Take the proper proportion of good fats in everyday meals. 

We grew up listening that health is wealth. And your food care for both your wealth as well as health. If you want to be healthy and that also in budget then try some healthy food from Yolo Food in Singapore. 

What are your current diet plans and from how long you are following it?