Google Sheets is a great alternative to MS Excel and with the latest developments and addons, Google Sheets is known to solve tedious tasks and jobs. It helps in enhancing the functionality in various ways. Google Sheets help in keeping all the work together in a single place and you can do all your work easily. Manipulation of data can be done easily with Google Sheets. There have been certain addons in Google Sheets which are listed as under:

1.Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Addon Spreadsheet helps to import any kind of analytics into Google Sheets and in this way, manipulation can be done in the Sheets easily. This feature helps in comparison of data by keeping data side by side. It also helps in the visual representation of data. Google Analytics API helps in robust visualization of charts from graphs. By adding data in the Google Sheets, it helps in sharing data without giving full access to Google Analytics. It provides easy to use permission to keep data safe and sound.

2.Blockspring for Google Sheets

Blockspring is a new feature that helps to provide about 1000 features to Google Sheets by connecting to the webs and helps in the streamline of the workflow. These features are basically for the programmers but can also be used by executives with little knowledge of technical stuff. This feature helps in importing data from the web pages. It identifies images by using machine language to pull out any text without the use of programming. 

3.Solver for Google Sheets

The solver is a great feature that has been added to Google Sheets which helps in solving various resource allocation to help in maximizing profits and minimize costs of businesses. This solver feature can be used in different industries from finance to human resources. This solver helps in solving complicated programming problems. The GRG Non-linear Solver also solves any non-linear problems. It does both simple and complex calculations. Multi Start Method helps in solving global optimized problems.

4.Cloud App for Google Sheets

Cloud Add is one of the best places for easy marketing and communication and this feature has been added to Google Sheets. CloudApp helps in arranging an array of numbers, graphs, and charts and any visual content can be added whichever you prefer. Adding arrows, boxes, emojis, highlights has never been so easy into Google Sheets. The visual content can be added directly from spreadsheets to Google Sheets.

5.Power Tools for Google Sheets

This feature is one of the most time saving add on to Google Sheets. Any repetitive tasks can be performed easily with this add on. Any recent actions are recorded and if you are using the same action again, then it automatically fills into the sheets. Reapplication to the cells becomes easy with this feature. The smart toolbar helps in case changing and unmerging of cells. AutoSum can be done to any cell or column. Multiple sheets can be searched for texts and hyperlinks. Any unnecessary data can be removed from the cell with power tools. Values can be split easily to any string or position.

6.Template Gallery for Google Sheets

This is the best feature that has been provided to Google Sheets. This add on helps to choose from the library of hundreds of templates so that you do not have to waste time on creating a new one. Some available templates are calendars, resumes, letters, timesheets, invoices, etc. These templates are so useful and each one has a unique function of its own.

7.Email Address Extractor

Google Sheets has tried out this new add on which email address can be directly added to the Sheets manually. You can extract email addresses and names from the message body directly from your Gmail account. You can log in to the address which you want to extract and create messages from the sheets itself.

8.Text Analysis for Google Sheets

This new feature can be used both by beginners and experts. Text Analysis feature helps to gather any positive and negative sentiments about a business which is called opinion mining. It helps to detect any place, people or tasks that you are tracking. It organizes 500 documents into many categories. It recognizes about 6 languages in the text.

These are some of the add ons which are there in the Google Sheets. Google Sheets have been made to save time and communicate better. Google Sheets have been able to engage customers.