PHP scripts for email marketing allow you to send emails directly from your server about your services to a large number of emails in a timely manner as you want. It helps in sending unlimited emails by using many different and beautiful templates that are available or you can design them on your own by coding on HTML and CSS. Bulk campaigns help in building a lasting impression with customers. You can create your own customized messages and send them to several subscribers. 

Ways in which Email Marketing can be made efficient to customers:

  1. Make your Email Personal: While sending bulk emails, try adding a personal element to the mail so that it becomes fun and personal. The subject line must be creative and the body should be personalized. Most Email tools have shortcodes that will be replaced by the recipient’s name when the Email is sent out. 
  2. Make sure Emails look clean: Make sure of using short paragraphs in your mail composition. Include bullet points to make out relevant and important lines. Images illustrate content more than texts. Include images separately. 
  3. Make up the subscriber list: Keep adding as many subscribers as possible to the list of clients and users. Subscriptions should be on the home page or blog page or anywhere it is required. 

Some of the best ready to use Email Marketing PHP Script are listed as under:

Email Flow: Simple and Easy Email Marketing tool

Email Flow is the simplest Email marketing tool that you can find as it does not use any kind of coding app to function. It just needs to be installed by downloading and setting it up using the installation guide provided. The best thing about this tool is that it comes with the calendar function through which you can get to know how many Emails you sent on a particular date and you can prepare accordingly.

You can send Emails to groups by creating multiple groups. A different section of group management can be created which will keep information on the emails sent to groups. You can add any template that you like using HTML. You can send Emails to both new and old clients without any database record for promotion purposes.

Lethe PHP Newsletter and Mailing System

This is a unique PHP Marketing system that helps to send appealing newsletters to any subscribers at any point in time. This is a customizable email app where you can create your templates according to your likings. Also, several templates are available in the template archive. Messages will be sent here directly like welcome or goodbye after subscriptions of the same.

Emails will be sent automatically on weekdays or when you give the specified date to send it. It helps to maintain any special date like birthdays or anniversaries.

EHLO Mailing

This is one of the perfect Email Marketing platforms where you can send bulk emails about any products or services in the finest manner. It can be imported manually or using a CSV file for the same. EHLO comes with a full guide and documentation on how to set up the software. This helps in setting up the software with ease.

The advanced HTML editor helps in creating your templates and this has simple drag and drop options available. You can also import templates from another site easily. The PHP script has its firewall which helps for security reasons and spamming. By crypt functions help in the protection of passwords. 

Berevi Newsletter- Email Marketing tool

This is one of the safest and easiest email marketing apps that is available which helps in sending thousands of emails by use of CSV files for import. There is a dashboard that provides a full overview of subscribers, total group lists and so many more. It has an IMAP mailbox. The installation guide is user-friendly and easily understandable. The multi-lingual function helps it to understand any language.

Berevi Newsletter helps to keep track of the number of subscribers that have joined. The registration form can be changed according to needs.

Email Marketing PHP script

This is a clean marketing managing script with powerful features such as group listing and group management. Groups can be created for various emails like spam, outgoing mails, etc. This PHP script also has a beautiful dashboard which helps to change the language to the desired one. The best feature of this PHP is that you can collect payments from customers from selling subscriptions. It can be done by various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

These are some of the new Email Marketing tools for the year 2020. You can choose the ones which best suit you.