Are you tired of seeing your living room’s wall? Or seeing the same sofa in your bedroom doesn’t appeal to you anymore? It means you must need some changes to your house. Change is very important in life. Even changing the scenery from the wall of your room can have a positive impact on your mood. 

Top trends For Residential Landed Houses 2020: 

Every year there are some new ideas for residential landed houses. Something new or tricky that can bring a little change into one’s boring life. If you want some new ideas for 2020 then let’s explore what are the top interior design trends for residential landed houses


2020 is going to be the year of texture. Using funky colors in your living room has been a good idea for many years. Now you all should try something different. Try using a texture of neutral colors like half or egg white, grey or dull pink. Textures are also very important to add interest to your living room or drawing-room. A look that is a little different yet very interesting is layering up different textures in the same, or very similar colors. Cushions, curtains, sofa covers, and tablecloths are obvious things but try something like dry flowers in a pot or leaves at the corner of your room. 

Conceal Your Kitchen: 

The kitchen is, of course, one of the most important places in the house. men/women both spent plenty of time out there. If Your kitchen is well decorated and furnished I bet you will love doing work there. In 2020 concealed kitchens are going to be a great idea, you might have thought to put your fridge in the unit or to set the microwave in a separate cabinet but the concealed kitchen is something better. 

Things that once jumbled worktops like pots, plug attachments, blade squares, even taps, and sinks would now be able to vanish into flush cupboards and continuous surfaces to benefit as much as possible from all space accessible. Perfect kitchen and dining halls are the expertise of eight designs.

Social places in your house: 

Trust me socializing at your house is more fun than going out to a party. If you are an introvert and love staying at home then there must be some particular socializing place for you. For that, you can get some inspiration from bars and restaurants. A corner with a pool table and curtains along with new flavors of wine and some tasty juices. A book rack that has some old and new books along with some music. A perfect setup for a house party with friends. 

Concrete Bathrooms: 

As we have already talked about living and drawing rooms, kitchen and bar at home. Now is the turn for bathrooms. A stylish and concrete bathroom is not at all a bad idea for 2020. The easiest and most useful approach to get the look is by utilizing smaller-scale concrete. which permits you to make the impact of a full-profundity concrete completion over existing dividers and floors.

A bathroom with funky colors is the coolest thing ever. Have you ever thought of dying your bathroom into a yellow or orange color? I bet you haven’t even thought about it. So now is the time, 2020 is for a colorful funky bathroom with matching scented candles. 

Here are some new and innovative interior design ideas for residential land houses. Ideas that can bring some more positivity. A house with some creativity in it is the most comfortable place. What trend are you going to follow in the coming year?