Classified ads are those where users will post anything that they want to buy or rent like houses, mobiles, laptops, used things, etc. Users find it easy to buy anything they want from these classified ads by clicking on the contacts. A lot of hard work makes up a single classified website. This is the reason that web makers charge a lot of money in making a single ad.

Features of Classified websites

  • Listings

The listing page contains the entire information on the classified ad. This page also contains the image that is being put for the ad. The navigation structure should be simple for customers to be able to browse through the process in an easy manner. 

  • Login and registration

There should be a subsequent login id made for every user which will help them get through their own page. The links to the Post Pages Ad publishes all the classified ads. This helps in keeping the track of responses to the users in a user-friendly manner. 

  • Product Page

The Product Page has descriptions about the products listed. It has an “Add to Watchlist” option which gives notifications to the users about various price changes. It has a sharing option through which the ads can be classified in several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The listings can also use tags through which the classified ads can be properly published. By following the Step by Step method, a website can be made in no time. 

How to build a classified website for free

A step procedure needs to be followed to build a website. These classified websites are created for free without any money involved. Some of the steps are listed as under:

  • Selection of Domain name and hosting of classified website

Domain Name, which is the address of the website should be decided first. Choosing a good host can make your work easy. Choose a plan according to your requirement and click on Select. You can add a domain name or select the one you have already created. The next process is the payment and after payment, the next is choosing the platform for the classified ad. 

  • Choosing the right platform for classified ads

There are hundreds of websites for platforms using the various tools available and the main thing is to choose the right platform for yourself. WordPress is the best platform when it comes to classified ads. It is free and open to be used by anyone. WordPress optimized hosting is provided with this website. 

  • Choose a theme and work on the design

WordPress themes are readymade and you simply have to choose from the list of options available. These themes are flexible and can be changed. 

  • Choosing a website theme

Choose themes from the Dictionary theme and create amazing classifieds. The themes have a flexible design. The setup of different themes is different.

  • Managing of the designs

WordPress classified themes can be changed according to your likings. There is a live customizer where you can preview your theme before using it on your ad. 

  • Pages, Menus and links

A website is a collection of different web pages. The themes come with pre-designed pages. 

  1. Managing menus: Every platform has different menus from which to choose. 
  2. Linking of the pages: The menus and web pages should be linked to each other. The link is presented as a button and a button needs to be selected. 

Making of money through WordPress Website

Creating ads requires its own time and effort and helps you earn a passive income. There are two ways of earning money through classified websites. One is through Ad Monetization and other paid classifieds listing submissions. Some ways to increase traffic are:

  • Advertisement banners

Advertisement banners are the most prominent way to earn through websites. Dictionary themes come with ad spaces for the same. Advertising of websites helps in gaining a lot of people. 

  • Classified ad listings paid

A classified website is where people use to post ads. Now it all depends on the users to see if they want the advertisements for free or they would pay for it. 

  • Maintaining of classified websites

Websites also need maintenance and there are different tools for it. It will run depending on how you keep it. It is important to promote your ads through which you can make it known to people. Choose a platform that is relevant to your ads. 

  • Maintaining of classified websites ads

You have to maintain the quality of your ads to promote it properly. You have to keep track on what the users give. Classified ads should be meaningful and clear to users. 


You can make your own classified ad within 45 minutes and use it in your own business. Businesses can grow and earn a lot of revenue through these ads. Ads are also simple to make. You just need to focus on your theme and your advertisement will be ready.