Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one technology used for managing the relationship of companies with other customers and potential users. The main goal is to improve the relationship between business. CRM solutions help to find out business relationships with individual people which includes customers, service providers, etc. , finding new customers and winning their businesses through this relationship. 

Why does CRM matters to your business?

The CRM system provides a complete overview of the business and customers. Everything can be seen in one place, your customers and your status of orders in the simple dashboard. You get a chance to view their public profiles and know what customers have to say about your business. Marketers are seen using CRM solutions to find out accurate sales information. CRM helps to manage inquiries without losing any track and gives sales views to every single customer. 

Features of CRM Software

CRM software is an efficient way of keeping sales records and provides one with many features. Some of them are listed as under:

1. Categorizing of leads

CRM software helps to identify any new leads and categorize them properly. In this way, importance can be given to the main leads and quality leads can be nurtured properly. With accurate information about clients, attention can be given to the right clients.

2.  Better customer support

Customers in today’s world desire fast and accurate solutions at any time of the day. CRM software helps you just with better customer support. Customers can see what they have ordered quickly and they can keep a track. If customers have any queries, that can also be solved within minutes.

3. Improvised goods and services

CRM software will provide you with relevant information about products and services from different sources. This gives customers a good way to know about the insights of the organization. This way problems can be solved easily.

What does Cloud-based CRM help in business?

Cloud computing has changed everything in businesses and made the business an easy process. Without the need to download software, all information can be kept in a secure environment. Cloud-based helps to use this software from anywhere, whether you are at home or office. This does not require any hardware costs or special installation and reduces IT costs as well. This is extremely cost-effective and flexible to use.

There are so many online courses that you can use to learn CRM. Some of these are listed as under:

1. HubSpot CRM essentials

This online course will provide users with HubSpot all along the course. CRM HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales and customer service. This course will be the basics of streamlining sales with the management team. The sales dashboard will provide accurate sales invoices and orders. 

This course will provide a certificate at the end of completion of the course. It creates more valuable and long-lasting engagements.

2. A complete guide to agile CRM

This course is meant for those users who want to learn about customer relationship management with the use of advanced SSC software. Sales personnel can use this software to follow leads and convert them into deals.  Clients can use it from the invoicing panel and track any of the payments made. Campaigns can be created and follow up be made.

This course provides customer-specific support requests. The information about cloud-based and software service should be clear to understand this course.

3. Learning ZOHO CRM

ZOHO is a powerful tool that helps in dealing with closed deals and this course is really simple in itself. Preparation of deals, accounts, and records become so much efficient with this course. The beginner level is a 1-month course that does not require even fees as it is fully free. Experts are at the back of making this course and they also create full videos and guidelines that become easier for users to understand the concepts. 

4. Salesforce CRM

This particular course is for the people in the sales department. The SalesForce will help in getting a full understanding of the invoices and payments of the products that have been brought and the services of their organization. This course supports many multi-currencies to go with the system. Custom fields and objects can be created which goes well with the sales. 


These are the famous online courses which you can find. If you are someone who wants to learn about CRM, then you can go ahead with any of these to get in detail with the CRM software.