Are you facing any kind of difficulty while dealing with your customers and retaining them? Then you are in dire need of a good travel agency. This travel agency software will not only help companies with booking facilities but invoices, discounts, vouchers, etc. can also be maintained properly.

Features of a good travel agency management software

The travel industry is the only industry which increases its revenue and profits in an upward trend. With the advancement of technology, every record can be maintained with computer systems and hardware. Features are listed as under:

a. Tour packaging can be customized

Customers love to customize their tours and travel dates so that they can include only what they like. Travel agency software helps in the customizing process so that the demands of customers are met.

b. Reliable and flexible

Your software needs to be flexible and adaptable to the flexibility of customers. Your software needs to have all the changes and situations that customers might choose as part of their travel destinations.

c. Flexibility of payment

Customers simply love it when they can pay through different payment methods. Your software should be able to accommodate options like net banking, cheque, cards, etc. 

Best Travel Agency Management Software 2020

There is so much travel agency software which you will find online but choosing the right one for your business from the many available is a difficult task. Some of the great ones are listed as under:

1. Lemax

This travel agency software helps one in booking flight tickets with the help of third parties. It automates sales processes and marketing efforts. Customer profiles can be easily managed with this software. Lemax is a ticket booking software that keeps direct contact with customers. Invoices are sent to customers after payments through an online or offline method.  

This software provides various facilities like checking prices, photos, descriptions and travel products. The best part about this software is that it provides insights into sales and profits for current periods. 

2. Technoglare

Technoglare Infotech is the leading Travel Management software which has been in operation for the past 8 years. It provides booking facilities for hotels, flights, ships, trains, cruises, sightseeing. Recently the software has been developed with the facility of extraction of cars, hotels, and packages. Travel companies can manage their rates, policies through Desktop and Mobile applications.

This software makes connections with many agents for flight bookings, car rentals, etc. The packages can be chosen as per the needs of customers. This works on a worldwide basis technology.

3. Trawex

Trawex helps you in making bookings from any corner of the world. It provides one with client-based solutions and bookings of any sort can be made. Staff members and call centers can also use these solutions. Trawex provides customers packages as per their needs and requirements. It supports all types of payment methods like Mastercard, Visa, etc. 

Trawex helps in boosting sales. The customer database is enriched and the best thing is that it does not require a huge staff to manage the software.

4. Traveltek

This software helps to sell travel in the best way possible. It enables you to book tickets and hotels all in one transaction. This helps to optimize sales and reduce the burden and things can be made as per your needs. This software understands every language and currency. Customers get amazing discounts and vouchers for every booking they make.

Every information is provided in detail to customers so that they are not faced with any confusion. The actual pricing can be checked along with the system of availability. 

5. FlightsLogic

FlightsLogic is one software that provides travel industries with online booking services. Travel agents can use this software to create creative itineraries with attractive reviews and photos so that customers are instantly drawn towards it. When more customers are attracted, then it increases the revenues of the business. Invoices are quickly made and it is multilingual and accepts all currencies of the world.  

6. Toogo

Toogo is a cloud-based software that helps in the creation of new products and manages bookings of hotels and flights. It has a trip builder, sales management and financial reporting functions. Businesses can be accessed on a web browser and for adding new details like itineraries, hotels, etc. Once customers confirm a trip, then the invoices are sent directly to the customer’s mail and messages.  


These are some of the best travel software agencies that travel businesses can always look forward to. They should plan for going ahead in their businesses and provide better opportunities to their customers.